I'm an academic generalist whose research generally centers on animal ecology in our rapidly changing world. At the broadest scale, I focus mostly on issues related to climate change, but I'm currently dabbling in physiology, biogeography, invasion ecology, movement ecology, habitat selection, and applied conservation work as well. My graduate work in the Goheen lab at the University of Wyoming centers on the impacts of climate change on bats.

Aside from my research, my professional passion is increasing access to science through open access publication and scientific communication. All too often, important scientific developments are hidden behind paywalls that moderate their impact and prevent communities that can't or shouldn't pay (e.g. high school students, the general public, local governments, non-OECD university students) from engaging with those papers. The scientific community is rapidly developing promising new dissemination channels, but we must continue to make progress. Since moving to Laramie, I’ve also written popular media articles on environmental and policy issues, publishing in outlets including FiveThirtyEight, High Country News, and Backcountry Journal. I also host the Field Surveys podcast (sponsored by the Biodiversity Institute and Laramie Audubon Society) that explains the research performed by UWyo researchers, its applications to conservation, and why conservation matters. Field Surveys is available wherever you download your podcasts.

When I'm not science-ing, I'm usually outside with my wife and dogs, reading, or writing. You can find examples of my popular media writing here

Click here for my CV. Click here for my Google Scholar profile. Click here to check out the awesome research my better half conducts on bioinformatic methods and the influence of environmental change on evolution.